20 March 2019

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14 April 2019

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15-29 April 2019


14-15 May 2019

Innovation Day



Made in Steel, the southern Europe’s premier tradeshow for the steel industry, representing both Conference & Exhibition (designed and developed over the years by siderweb - the Italian Steel Community), and Digital Magics, the most important incubator of “Made in Italy” digital startups active throughout Italy, launch The Call for Innovation: MADE IN STEEL 2019 - STEEL ON STAGE

“Research in support of iron and steel industry cannot ignore the challenges that the sector is going to face in the next years. For this reason, we have identified four pillars of research, namely the four main-stands within with the most interesting themes for the steel Italian industry are seen“. 



The Call for Innovation is addressed to all the Startups and SMEs that develop digital technologies into the production chain, respecting the sustainability standards, in terms of environmental and social sustainability.

In particular, four areas of action have been identified:


The Call for Innovation is addressed to all Startups that develop products/services capable of innovating the entire production cycle, from the production techniques, the monitoring system, the informatic data management, to the realisation of a flexible production chain.

The results will have to include the optimisation of the environmental performances during the production cycle, taking care of the reduction of the emission in the atmosphere and of the energetic consumes the waste management and the development of circular economy.

In addition, the Call for Innovation is addressed to all the Startups and SMEs that are developing products and services in support of education, in order to facilitate the inclusion of new resources and increase the knowhow of the operators in the sector. Last, but not least, is open to Startup and SMEs that propose products/services in support of the worker's protection and security in the steel industry.

The Call is open also for all the projects that include new applications for steel, for example: industrial design and artistic performances.


The purpose is to identify the most interesting Startups and SMEs that can be appropriated for taking part to the exhibition Made in Steel 2019, the most important event in South Europe dedicated to all the iron and steel supply chain. In this occasion they will have the opportunity to present their idea and company in front of an audience made up of international market leaders.

Made in Steel 2019 is at the same time a showcase and a cultural hub that, through conferences, forum and round tables, want to promote both networks and know-how cross-fertilization, competitive factors for industries. In this context, startup and SMEs will have the opportunity to present their own project to the big players of the sector. The event will combine together all the iron and steel industry actors, from production, to distribution, to the final user in order to think and imagine the future of our industry, a fundamental part of Italian economy. 

Made in Steel Srl provides a € 5000 participation award for the startup that will be evaluated as the most deserving and in line with the business.


  • Innovation of production
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Human capital
  • Product
  • Applications in arts and design


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How to participate

If you are an innovative Startup or a SME operating in the sustainable steel industry, in the education, design or artistic application, fill the registration form that you find in the section “Submit now”. The form will give you the possibility to insert a description of your Startup or SME and all the attachments.

Selection process

After sending your application, a team of experts will make a first evaluation and, if the company will be considered one of the best, it will be contacted by email for the pitch scheduled for 14-15 May 2019. Convocations will be done from 29 April to 9 May 2019.

Pitch day

The more promising Startups and SMEs, selected at the end of the Call for Innovation, will present the project and the company during the exhibition Made in Steel, on 14 - 15 May in Fieramilano Rho, Milan (Italy).

WHO WE ARE - Digital Magics

Digital Magics, listed on AIM Italia, is a business incubator which supports the startups of the Tech world with services for the enhancement and acceleration of digital business. Digital Magics, Talent Garden and Tamburi Investment Partners have created the most important national innovation hub for DIGITAL MADE IN ITALY, offering innovative startups the support to create successful projects, from concept to IPO. Digital Magics has always been a partner of excellent companies with its Open Innovation services, creating a synergistic bridge between companies and digital startups. Incubation and acceleration services by Digital Magics are active on Talent Garden coworking campuses throughout Italy. Complementary to services are investment activities, which over the years have produced a portfolio of over 70 investments in startups, scaleups and digital spinoffs with high growth rates. Accelerated companies are joined by the Digital Magics team, partners with great entrepreneurial and digital experience, and benefit both from the wide network of private and institutional investors which support them through the "club deal", and from the many partner companies which support them at the industrial level. 

WHO WE ARE - Made in Steel

Made in Steel is southern Europe’s premier tradeshow for the steel industry. Made in Steel is both Conference & Exhibition: the perfect balance between business and debate, hands-on operations and reflection. Made in Steel, an industry showcase, also hosts a raft of meetings, forums and roundtables promoting the sort of in-depth sector knowledge that is key to company competitiveness. Made in Steel was designed and has been developed over the years by siderweb – THE ITALIAN STEEL COMMUNITY, which offers daily news, information, prices and services about economics and steel industry. Held every two years, Made in Steel brings together under one roof key steel industry players – from producers to users – to take stock of where the sector is going.

«We live in a globalized world where competition is between systems. That means there can be no growth without teamwork and cooperation». 

Emanuele Morandi, Made in Steel's CEO